Ultra Bright LED Night Light 2 Pack | Includes Dusk to Dawn Sensor to Reduce Energy (White) | LED Wall Lamp for a Baby's Room Nursery

You need a night light. Either for your kids' rooms or just because whenever you go to get a drink or check on that weird noise you hate being faced with the decision of stumbling into things and swearing under your breath or turning on the light and burning your retinas with the jarring brightness of your overhead lights. So if you need a night light, why not spend a couple extra dollars on one that actually looks nice?

SparkLED, home of the award winning Cork Light, has released another innovative use of our LED Technology.

This uniquely designed night light leverages LED technology that costs only 20 cents a year to power, saving 95% energy costs compared to other lights. On top of that, it puts out zero heat so it is completely safe in children's rooms, and won't light your cat's tail on fire if she brushes into it at night!

These night lights include a light sensor to ensure that the light turns on when the room is dark and turns off once the room gets light - further saving on your energy costs. There's no need to push any switch or even remember to do so. Your children will be 100% protected from monsters that fear light. GUARANTEED

These night lights are ideal for children's rooms, but they are also so fashionable that they are great to illuminate hallways, stairways, kitchens and covered patios.

As with all SparkLED products and any sold by Upper West Companies, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. 1 Year money back (or replacement) guarantee if anything goes wrong or you do not like the item in any way.

Input voltage: AC 110V
Power consumption: 0.2W
Quantity: 2
Light Color: white
Lifespan: 10,000 hours

£16.99   £0.99

HIGH POWERED night light that does not use up a ton of power. Only .2 Watts so it costs only 20 cents a year to power! SAVE 95% ON ENERGY COSTS compared to standard bulbs

LIGHT SENSOR automatically turns on and off based on the brightness of the room. No need to worry about turning off or on the light. Keep some in your childrens' rooms and keep some in your hallway to gently illuminate your halls and so you never have to turn on a blinding light at night

UNIQUE DESIGN illuminates your room with uniform pattern of geometric angles while offering soft, bright light which is pleasing to the eye

PERFECTLY SAFE for children and babies. LED technology ensures no hot bulbs that can burn. Perfect gift for parents

100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE If you don't love your lights, we will replace or refund your purchase for one full year